Welcome to NetworkingExamAcademy

Many years ago I created NetworkingExamAcademy as a helpful resource to help people get Cisco Certified. Life happened and I ended up taking the website down and I stopped selling the ICND1 Study Guide ebook that I wrote.

I’m employed as a Software Developer, but I do a fair amount of DevOps work and I’m getting more and more involved in Infrastructure related work and I’m evening doing networking related tasks now. Because I’m doing more networking related work, I thought I would be good to reboot this blog and document my journey in getting Cisco Certified again and help others do the same. Who knows, I might even make another ebook.

While I am going to focus on getting Cisco Certified first, because those are still the most popular certifications, but I’m also very interested in Arista and I hope to get Arista certified as well.

Unrelated to certifications, but as a networking related interest, I’m very interested in Starlink and want to learn more about how it works. Obviously it could be super helpful for people living in remote areas, but I would also like to have it for myself in our camping trailer when we are far out in the woods. Plus just the future of the internet is space I find exciting. At some point in the near future we will need a Starlink around Mars and someway to connect them both.

Anyways, thank you for stopping by. I’m very excited about networking and it’s role in our future and I hope you stick around, learn lots, and even contribute to this community so that we can all learn more together.